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NAKOS, spol. s r.o.
Komenského 134, 549 01 Nové Město nad Metují
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About us
The company Nakos was founded in 1997. Before we commenced our own production, we successfully affected business with a full range of hygienic goods for many years.  It is the reason why we can now offer many of these products from our warehouse or we can possibly have them produced by our foreign partners under your brand name.

The production itself is realised on two production lines with the capacity of up to 3.5 million boxes per month. The most modern technology facilitates high production variability and realisation of product versions in short time.

The advantage of our company is a professionalism and long term business experience at the market which allows us to develop and offer a product assortment which will successfully find its place on the market of hygienic products.  
The company also engages in development of own various applications of production processes and products. Recently we focus on designing box covers pro the support of sales of paper tissues as well as the development of applications of perfumes and balm additives.

An absolute standard is a personal approach and high precision when fulfilling the individual orders.

For individual requirements of our customers we introduced the project "tissues made to measure" where together with our partners in the project we create a space to accommodate the requirements of the individual brands in a batch of minimum 2000 pcs. So far it has not been possible to produce by machines, therefore all these activities are up to now realised manually by re-covering already produced products. At the same time this project allows to produce individual designs in full hygienic standard together with the hygienic window containing a plastic foil or paper. We offer various shapes of boxes – cube, block, pyramid, hexagonal pyramid, car-box, various surface finishes.

Currently the company is undergoing several processes of certification of production standards processes according to the latest EU requirements – Company holds the quality certificate ISO 9001.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.
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